New Matter Music

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New Matter Music is an all-digital music label designed for the Finance in the Creative Industries course as part of the Master of Science in Leadership for Creative Enterprises program at Northwestern University. The project included a professional business plan, three year budget and expenditure forecasts, an industry overview, and a marketing strategy.

Project Materials

Full Business Plan

Executive Summary:

New Matter Music seeks to become the leader in a digital music revolution. By establishing our record label with a completely digital focus, we can provide developing artists with the proper tools to succeed in this increasingly digital media landscape, without the unnecessary costs of physical media. While we understand the desire for fans and artists to still purchase CDs and vinyl records, digital media will soon be the only music media worth pursuing. We are simply getting a jumpstart.

New Matter combines traditional record label functions, including booking, management, and promotions, with a purely digital distribution method, offering download services through our website as well as constructing deals with the most influential digital music providers in order to provide our special roster of artists with the most efficient way to share their art in this day and age. Our artists are our clients that we support and nurture, and our customers are the general music-loving population that we know will love the music we have to present to the world.

Our expectation is to be at the forefront of a shift away from physical media, by taking advantage of the plethora of digital opportunities already available to music-makers and distributors. New Matter will become a model for future labels to come, with its unique blend of management services and complete focus of resources on getting the most out of what is the most profitable way to earn money for artists, aside from touring.