WNUR News: Aural Storytelling

Full Broadcast

Original date of broadcast: May 29, 2014

Students enrolled in the Aural Storytelling course this past fall quarter spent the quarter creating a series of short audio-only narratives. Working in both fiction and non-fiction and utilizing all aspects of sound design, they recorded and layered language, sound effects, ambience, and music to tell stories that were meant not only to engage listeners with their content, but also to provide them with complete sonic landscapes, rich with implied imagery that would help activate imaginations. Joined by Professor Scott Foley, WNUR News digs deeper into the creation and experience of creating non-fiction and fiction audio stories.

Features include:
“Kuumba Lynx” by Justin Zullo
“Christina Ying: There’s The Moon and Then There’s You” by Samira Lee
“Cupcakes” by Megan Meinero
“Hair Extensions” by Alison Abrams
“The Noble Hunt” by Sam Spahn
“Farewell Ride” by David Brown